I woke up today with the theme song to a telenovela I used to watch (well, sort of watch*), in my head, so I looked it up online when I had a minute and checked out its Wikipedia entry, just for nostalgia’s sake. The plot description was pretty much Mad-Libs with Latin names:  

“When Fernanda and José Luis fall in love, Eugenio gets extremely jealous, but when he decides to eliminate his rival, he discovers that his own daughter Jaqueline, is in love with José Luis. Jaqueline, on the other hand is being wooed by Manuel, who despite his popularity, cannot call Jaqueline’s attention.” 


“Lucia becomes beautiful and makes a vengeful decision to get back at Gerardo for dating her out of pity. In the end, Gerardo finds out that Lucia is Adriana and is infuriated with her. They eventually forgive each other and start dating again.” 

Seriously, I LOVE telenovelas. 


* I didn’t, and still don’t, speak Spanish, but it doesn’t matter with a telenovela; it’s the most visually expressive of television genres, so they’re actually pretty easy to follow. They were actually a nice thing to have on in the background, because they didn’t interfere with whatever writing or artwork I was focused on, and if I needed to give my eyes a rest, there was almost always a pretty face—male or female—emoting on screen.