The Times, They Are a’Changeling

I’m going to run something by you. I’m curious what you think. There is this person in your life, and we’re going to call them Morgan. You don’t know Morgan. You’ve never met Morgan. You’ve never seen Morgan before in your life. And yet one day you get out of bed, log into social media, and half of your friends are friends with them. I mean, not just casual friends, but posting on each other’s timelines, teasing each other, sharing in-jokes. Everyone talks to you about them like they’re your friend. All evidence points to them having gone to school with you, but you don’t remember ever seeing them at school. They even married one of your exes. Morgan seems to have lived a life parallel to yours, and yet you’ve never touched.  

What’s the more likely explanation: that the state where you went to school is pretty small and the friendships forged there are tight, and all Morgan had to do was get in the good graces of one to get into the good graces of all? Or that Morgan is some kind of fairy or demon, quietly skirting the corners of your life, causing general mischief? Or that they’re a god looking to live a real human life, and so they borrowed yours and vastly improved on it? 

Asking for a friend. 


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