Rush to Judgement

So I was thinking about something I heard on the radio the other day. Someone said, “It doesn’t matter what you want to do—you can have sex with two people, you can tie each other up, you can pee on each other, you can stick it wherever it will go, it’s a-ok as long as you have consent.”  

And I thought, “Yes! That! Exactly! What you do naked should not be a crime, as long as there are no victims! There’s no wrong here, just what makes people happy. All you have to do is consent!” I could take a transcript of what that man said to all of my socially liberal friends, and they would all agree, 100 percent. 

The man who said it was Rush Limbaugh, and when he said that, his voice was so full of revulsion and contempt that it was practically a physical thing. He wasn’t affirming the concept of consent, he was condemning it. 

People ask me why I have zero hope for the two sides coming together to heal this rift in our nation, and this is the perfect reason. We are literally speaking the same language, but we’re not speaking the same language at all. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there’s a solution, but I’m not seeing it at all. 


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